Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cutest Birthday Party Lately

My oldest grandchild, Noah Love, recently had his sixth birthday. His very clever parents planned a terrific party.

The theme for the party was Star Wars, hence Bryan is dressed as a Jedi Knight. Here he is talking to all the kids about the "power of the force" and administering the Jedi Oath to them. They all were dressed in Jedi robes.

Here the guests were doing some preparatory swings against an unarmed pinata that Bryan is holding up by a rope as Noah observes,

and then they progressed to light saber training as the Jedi Master instructs.

On cue (Vader music) Darth Vader slipped in to their training session. (He's hard to see but is in the center at the back). Sorry about the two little girls who were scared of him. They wanted to see him out of costume to be sure he wasn't really Darth Vader.

After everyone got to try out their new skills, the young padawans eventually defeated Vader (who was about to burn up in the black costume) and they had refreshments - pizza and Yoda soda outside before the storm came up, then ice cream and cupcakes in the house.

Fun was had by all, but a few light sabers didn't survive the battle. There were a few extra light sabers, so the entire class posed for a "graduation" picture and received a certificate of graduation from the Jedi Academy. Then Noah opened his gifts and the guests had to leave quickly before the huge thunderstorm hit.

This is Noah and "Darth"Caitlin, my second oldest grandchild (who also turns six in a few days).

We all had so much fun and the adults got as big a kick out of it as the children. The only way it could have been better would have been if the temperature was not hovering in the very high 90's.

Happy Birthday Noah. Loved your party.

Jedi Master.............Bryan Love
Darth Vader............Ben Love
Padawans................Noah Love and friends

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Junk

This week has been no fun! I have been cleaning out things for a yard sale I'm doing with my daughters. I have a car full of "junk" to try to sell tomorrow. I still have things to clean out, but this is a good start.

I would much prefer to be posting about the cutest birthday party I have attended in a long time. That will have to be the next posting, after I get time to download the pictures. Happy Birthday again, Noah.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tour of my yard

Here are some of the pretty things blooming right now in my yard. They make me happy. Ok, I realize the apples are not blooming, but they are in my yard. I have pears and plums, too. The plums didn't fare so well in the late frost, but there are a few on the tree. The birds seem to have enjoyed my blueberries. I think I got two ripe ones before the birds got them. I did get to pick strawberries several times. They were yummy.

These Easter Lilies were a gift several years ago. I set them out in the yard to see what they would do, and now they are all bloomed out.