Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Okay, when you get to my age, birthdays are usually best not mentioned or remembered. But, thanks to my children and friends, mine is usually duly celebrated. So, thanks to all for the love and the gifts.

Due to having so many family birthdays in one month (plus 2 days) we celebrate February in groups. (Feb. birthdays: Andrew, 12th, Heather, 21st, me, 28th, and Kara, March 2) Last Saturday we had a girl's day out for this year's b-day event. After a yummy lunch we spent several hours with daughters, granddaughter and daughter-in-law helping me look at new furniture options for my living room. We had a great time even though I may not even buy anything new. I would love to change to a different sofa, but everything is just so big in the stores right now. I have a tiny living room crisscrossed with two traffic patterns to get to the rest of the house. The usable area is about 8 x 10. It is really limited as to what will fit.

Andrew's birthday was celebrated separately a couple of weeks ago with cake and a game night. That was fun, too. We are a fiercely competitive bunch and love to play games.

I still have one "party" to look forward to. On my actual birthday I'm having lunch with my two best friends. It is something we do for each of our birthdays. They are spaced out nicely through the year, so by also including Christmas we have a quarterly lunch out together. We exchange silly cards and giggle through a nice lunch. At our ages, it is about the most excitement we can handle. :)