Monday, November 24, 2008


I know now for certain that I will not be going to any more craft shows or trade shows to sell fountains. It is just getting too hard physically for me to do it. But I am feeling satisfied that I am going out on a good note. This past weekend I went to an Itex trade show and sold about 11 or 12 fountains - I lost count we were so busy. Bryan and Ben went to help and I could not have done it without them. Thanks guys. I have finished paying for my power chair (which was the reason for going) and after the trip I may really be needing the power chair sooner than later. :)

I also networked into someone who may be able to help me sell the rest of the fountain inventory. She is a lady from Franklin who sells collectibles in an EBay store. I am working towards taking the remaining fountains to her to be sold in her store, as well as several nice pieces of amethyst and rose quartz. The percentage she takes is well worth it.

So, now I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. All I have to do is clear out all the fountains stacked in my den, decorate for Christmas and do all the shopping. Easy.....

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all who may read this.