Saturday, April 11, 2009

Too Close for Comfort

Yesterday Shannon, Heather and I went out to eat lunch together. It was Good Friday and they were both off work. While we were eating a tornado touched down about a mile away. We couldn't see it because the restaurant we were in was facing the wrong way, but both Ben and Rusty saw it. It touched down and did a lot of damage in a subdivision across the road from where they were. I've heard reports that 100 homes were totally destroyed and 150 more damaged. The damage we saw as we were trying to get back home was amazing! It is hard to believe there were only 2 deaths. There are 7 more people in critical condition in the hospital.

It looked like a war zone. As we were leaving there were lines of highway patrol cars coming into the area. I have never seen so many emergency vehicles in one place. We were trying to get out of the area because it was obvious the ambulances and other emergency vehicles were having a hard time getting around, but we kept running into closed roads and having to go back over the same area. I think a lot of the traffic congestion happened for that reason. We finally found a way out and went home to watch news reports.

Nothing came near any of our homes, but there were 9 tornados in middle Tennessee. We were blessed to all be safe.