Sunday, January 27, 2008

White Dogs Can't Jump

Snowball tried to jump up on the sofa today, but sadly he didn't quite make it. We have wondered why he doesn't know he can either jump on or off furniture. I can even put him in a chair and he will stay there until I take him down. (We suspect he just isn't very smart.) But today another explanation came to mind...white dogs can't jump. :)

The thing that is even funnier is that he doesn't know he can climb stairs. He has never climbed down the two steps into the den even though there is no barrier there to prevent it. I have always carried him down the stairs because it is a lot easier for me if he doesn't go down there unattended. This leads to his other false assumption...that carpet is like grass. The den is carpeted, so if I want it to be saved from becoming a doggy bathroom, he needs to stay off. I am hoping to get him set up for obedience classes soon. Then maybe some of the house breaking issues with carpet can get handled. For now he is fine with the hardwood and his little pad. The good thing is that he never goes potty on furniture.

Isn't being a pet owner fun?????