Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remodeling is Finished!

I am so happy with my office. It looks great - or it will once I get a home for all the stuff in boxes throughout the house. Yesterday after moving all Ben's stuff into a storage unit, Ben Rusty and Jerry moved my desk in. This morning Ben ran all my cords and cables for me and cut a hole so I could have access to the light switch. Now all I have to do is move in my boxes and put things away. This functions so well.

We are all so happy to have Ben and Natalie here. It is hard to believe it isn't just a visit.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Almost Finished

I look forward to the end of this project!!!

All the painting is done except just a few spots of touch-up. The additional hardwood floor is all done. It looks so nice. The old file cabinets have a nice new coat of shiny black paint. It is amazing how much better they look. I am sitting in my office to write this and it is so clean and bright with the new wall paint. It isn't the dark dusty hole it used to be. I may actually be able to work here now.

There is still a lot to sort through and find places for, but I won't be able to do some of that until I get the new desk. Temporarily I am using the bottom half of one of the old ones. I bought the new bookcase for the office, but it was scratched. So I took it back and haven't been able to get another one yet - probably tomorrow. A lot of dust was stirred up when the old carpet was pulled out, so I have gone through all the bookcases, dusting and straightening books. I still need to dust some other places, but it just takes time to get to it all.

Within a few days things should be in a lot better order. I can't wait for all of you to see it.