Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Garden is Growing

You can see how much my garden has grown since April 19 when I last posted a picture. I have eaten some of the Swiss Chard. Its different from "southern" greens, but I like it. I have also been eating strawberries for about a week. They are yummy. There are baby tomatoes and bell peppers that I am looking forward to.

The big garden is also growing. We were lucky that it didn't wash away in the 14 inch record rains we had May 1-2. Last year we had a big rain in May (more like 6-8 inches if I remember right), and then we had almost no rain for two months. It did not make for a good garden last year. It was like the soil just choked the life out of the plants. My raised bed didn't even produce as much as it should have. At any rate, I am happy with the progress. I am really looking forward to some good home grown tomatoes.

I didn't post about the floods at the first of May because so many others did, but it was a devastating flood that will take years in recovery. The damage here was minimal. I had a little water in the basement and some of the homes in the trailer park had pushed in under pinning. Compared to the total losses some people had, we were very blessed.